Viceversa and Hive have signed a partnership to support the growth of digital companies – bringing simple, fast, and flexible financing, and fulfillment solutions to D2C brands.

Berlin-based Hive is an e-commerce logistics startup backed by tier 1 investors that supports companies with all-in-one logistics solutions. Hive is a holistic e-commerce operations partner for direct-to-consumer brands, providing both the software and the warehousing service in-house to ensure the highest quality across all processes. With Hive, you can book and manage your freight, fulfillment, delivery, custom packaging, returns, and an end-customer app – across Europe.

A win-win collaboration

At Viceversa we are committed to making an impact on digital companies. Thanks to the partnership with Hive, we enable D2C brands to grow rapidly and deliver their products faster. Together, we are bringing the alternative Revenue-Based-Financing model (RBF) to digital companies and growing them in a sustainable way.

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