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We are proud to partner with Amsterdam Venture Partners (AvP), a leading European company helping companies raise their seed or series A rounds. We chatted with Berend Braam, an associate at AvP, to understand how they want to give founders a fighting start with the revenue-based financing model. At Viceversa, we offer revenue-based financing, an alternative financial solution to fast-growing digital companies and this was right up our alley. 

About AvP

As mentioned before, Amsterdam Venture Partners (AvP) is Europe’s leading fundraising advisory firm for companies aiming to raise a seed or a series A round. They are combining public and proprietary datasets to monitor over 1200 early-stage investors throughout Europe. And while that in itself is impressive, they also use their knowledge to assist founders with every step of the fundraising process. This can include setting up the fundraising strategy, to creating the required materials, and signing the term sheets.

Who is their ideal customer?

Amsterdam Venture Partners (AvP) works with amazing clients from across 25 countries. In particular, they try and focus on helping founders raise from great investors outside of their home market. As we know, Europe’s early-stage fundraising ecosystem is famously fragmented and this has helped AvP help founders knock on the right doors at the right time.

Revenue-based financing model via AvP

Amsterdam Venture Partners support European founders in their aim to successfully build great businesses. Although they mostly focus on raising equity rounds from VCs, the revenue-based financing model has proven to be very effective. This tool is especially great for the early-stage ecosystem.

How can the Revenue-based Financing model help you in this journey?

We aim to support founders in their journey and our partnership with Viceversa is a way for us to extend the range of products we can offer our clients. In a similar way, we can assist Viceversa's clients when they decide to raise equity from VCs.

Berend Braam, Associate, AvP

An insider tip for digital businesses?

Never casually walk into a fundraising round. Prepare diligently and spend your time wisely. Stick to an efficient process and build up your momentum until you're able to close the round.

Berend Braam, Associate, AvP

So, in conclusion, we are all set to help founders do what they do best: Make things. Let Viceversa take care of the rest. Also check out our other partnership stories here.

Boost your growth differently with Viceversa and Amsterdam Venture Partners.


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