Revenue-based financing for marketing by B heroes

B Heroes is an Italian company that invests in companies and startups in the early stages of development, with a high scalability potentialB Heroes aims to discover talented entrepreneurs by understanding their approach to company building and propensity for innovationThey are ready to support them with network and smart money, and with Viceversa they can now provide a new tool to founders: revenue-based financing for marketing.

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Carolina Montagna, CIO & Board Member at B Heroes tells us how this partnership with Viceversa can help them scout and accelerate promising new startups. 

About B Heroes

This venture capital firm is known for investing in and accelerating early-stage startups, by providing money and access to their network (corporates, investors, and professionals). Their project is based on successful entrepreneurs selecting and investing in a new generation of Italian founders. They aim to create value by creating the biggest community of successful Italian founders

Who is their ideal customer?

The B Heroes portfolio comprises around 120 companies, mainly from Italy (70%), operating across different sectors. The majority are early-stage companies (pre-Series A), but part of the portfolio is now maturing (20%). Some notable rising stars they've invested in are Casavo, Satispay, and Bending Spoons.

Revenue-based financing for marketing

Both Viceversa and B Heroes work to help founders in the early stage of development and help them access financial resources. This is a time when raising capital is extremely difficult, so the partnership was a natural consequence of both companies' daily goals. 

Being relatively active investors, we can share many deal-flow and portfolio opportunities with Viceversa to help Italian founders grow by combining debts and equity.

Carolina Montagna, CIO & Board Member at B Heroes

Support with marketing capital

They want to help their founders to grow and position themselves in their reference market. And, Viceversa can solve both issues by providing non-dilutive revenue-based financing for marketing.

An insider tip for digital businesses?

Although we all know that cash is king, we see too many startups with weak cash management skills. It’s super important that they set up accounting processes from the early days. Even when it may seem tedious and with no perceivable value-add. You’ll realize their importance only when it’s too late.

Carolina Montagna, CIO & Board Member at B Heroes

And lastly, in the works...

We want to decrease the asymmetry between founders and investors and are working on a couple of event formats. We won’t say more, but we’ll guarantee you they’ll be super fun.

Carolina Montagna, CIO & Board Member at B Heroes

Boost your growth differently with Viceversa and B Heroes.


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