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Join Viceversa on this journey to understand how digital and e-commerce companies are innovating and upgrading their festive season campaigns this time of the year with this marketing webinar on 17 November 2022, 11 am CET

About the marketing webinar:

When every brand is fighting for real estate on our reel and real life, how can innovative brands and products truly stand out?  Brands are looking for ways to cut through the noise and truly provide value to their customers this festive season. Especially with their operational and marketing campaigns. 

We are here with answers to your questions. We are rounding up our partners Hive and LHub Agency to get to the bottom of what makes any Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Christmas campaign truly successful with this marketing webinar.

We will be talking about:

  • Industry trends that are here to stay
  • How to set goals and track KPIs efficiently with Viceversa
  • How to budget for a peak season strategy
  • How to create a better experience for your customer

So come engage with this interesting marketing webinar panel full of expert advice, and see some real case studies of how brands approach new-age customer experiences and reach new audiences.

About the speakers:

Carlo Avati, Senior Business Development Manager at Hive is an entrepreneur and e-commerce operations expert. He started off in brand management at Unilever before jumping into the startup world. He worked in the travel and food-tech space until joining Hive for the launch of its Italian market.

Andrea D’Aietti, Co-founder at LHub Agency is a tech entrepreneur with 10 years of expertise in digital marketing and software industries both in Italy and abroad. He has founded many interesting and unconventional firms that aim to help companies scale worldwide.

The session will be moderated by Matteo Masserdotti, CEO Viceversa. 

About the partners:

Hive enables anyone to run an e-commerce business. They want to be the operational brain of your D2C company, so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. Hive integrates with your shops and marketplaces, books your freight, picks and packs your orders, accelerates your delivery, and handles returns. All to help your brand grow.

Lhub Agency is a digital MAdTech Company, part of the Underdog Group, that helps companies achieve their online goals. Lhub offers digital marketing, growth hacking, advertising, content creation, influencer marketing, and web development services.


Hi, I'm an India-raised, Italy-based Content Designer & Strategist dabbling in delightful user experiences. A maximalist by nature, and minimalist in practice. Say hi to me on LinkedIn.

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