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We are proud to share stories of entrepreneurs who have chosen to be part of Viceversa Impact, our open network created to support the growth potential of digital businesses.

We celebrate digital companies that make an impact on people and society and we highlight the successful factors behind the growth of these businesses.

Here’s the story of a D2C wellness brand called MyLab Nutrition, started by Daniele Fumi (CMO) and Gianluca Perra (CEO). Viceversa growth capital was deployed in February 2022 and we continued to invest incrementally in the company every quarter, helping it sell on multiple marketplaces. This alliance has led the company to grow revenues over 100% since the beginning of the relationship! 

How does MyLab Nutrition create impact for its customers?

Daniele: MyLab Nutrition creates and distributes made-in-Italy supplements of superior quality using a hi-tech approach across Italy and EU. MyLab Nutrition's vision is to enable people to achieve the highest level of well-being with precision-targeted supplements.

What that means is, that through an interactive website which processes data via proprietary Artificial Intelligence, MyLab Nutrition is able to suggest the perfect supplements for each customer's needs, with just an online consultation.

In this way, the client, by answering an easy questionnaire, can purchase dietary supplements most accurately, for achieving the stated goals. To this, add the convenience of high-quality products and detailed information.

How do you create these products?

Daniele: The 2.0 version of MyLab's Interactive Consultation was created in collaboration with the Sapienza University of Rome. We used a panel of 10 doctors and nutritionists, who are experts in the field of dietary supplements.

Your biggest challenge?

Daniele: In an ever-changing market and strong competitors, the biggest challenge any startup can face is to know how to make the best use of the few resources available. Our competitors  have significantly greater economic resources. Moreover, In Italy, startups are at a financial disadvantage and so it is up to us to look for alternative ways to beat the competition.

And to solve that, a solid team with diverse personalities is crucial. It is necessary to find a core team that will fall in love with the company mission and lead the company’s growth over time. 

Daniele Fumi, MyLab Nutrition

Over the years, having found a solid base in marketing performance, finding a partner like Viceversa was a great stepping stone for us. This helped to avoid raising additional capital and scale our marketing budgets with a margin of safety. Thanks to Viceversa growth capital, we doubled our revenues from the previous year in only 6 months.

Your marketing secret sauce?

Daniele: Scaling marketing campaigns is the critical  goal a startup must pursue while striving for growth. We are planning an expansion to 6 EU markets. And MyLab Nutrition has a very good chance of establishing itself in the dietary supplement market.  

Businesses in general need to take into account the change the market is facing in terms of tracking users and thus, increasing conversions in digital marketing campaigns. Our goal is to develop 360-degree strategies, taking into account all touchpoints of a potential customer.

MyLab Nutrition X Viceversa Growth Capital: How did it happen?

Gianluca: We learned of Viceversa's growth capital through our investors, LVenture Group. Given the limited availability of funds in the market, but having found a solid base in marketing performance over the years, finding a partner like Viceversa was a great springboard for us. We were able  to avoid raising additional capital and scale our marketing budgets with a margin of safety.

Thanks to Viceversa funding, we doubled our revenues from the previous year in just 6 months.

Gianluca Perra, MyLab Nutrition
Viceversa Growth Capital, MyLab Nutrition
New marketplace added in April 2022

Tell us more about the investment process…

Gianluca: It was very easy to access the Viceversa growth capital. Viceversa allows us to invest with a margin of safety in our campaigns. Paying back the percentage of funds based on performance is certainly a plus point, as is the absence of personal guarantees to access the funds in the first place.

Any tips for young founders looking to grow their company?


No one knows a company like its founders, so it is important to adjust relationships with investors when making important business decisions independently. It is crucial to be able to change course the moment negative performance is perceived, leaving pride behind.

Gianluca Perra, MyLab Nutrition


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