New partnership in the name of innovation and tech

To keep on supporting the growth of digital companies' advertising campaigns, Viceversa and Lhub bring the innovative RBF model to the advertising and digital industries.

Digital Growth Lhub Agency, develops and implements marketing and growth hacking strategies, with a focus on performance marketing through advanced data-driven processes, aiming to increases revenues.

A Win-win collaboration

We collaborate to connect the dots of fintech and MAD Tech. Even more, we’re making an impact on digital professionals and entrepreneurs: all digital companies, from e-commerce to marketplace, in Italy and markets abroad, can finally access credit quickly and sustainably.

"This partnership amplifies the potential of our development and the one of our clients by offering access to credit in a fast and sustainable way to launch digital businesses of all kinds and support e-commerce” reports Andrea Tommaso d'Aietti of Lhub Agency.

"Thanks to the partnership with Lhub Agency, we aim to increase our impact by supporting the growth of digital companies. We position ourselves as investors by an RBF model, because we contribute to the business risk: we bet on the quality of the projects and if the company stops making revenues, we also stop receiving our money back" reports Matteo Masserdotti of Viceversa.


Investing in growth is not an option!

Revenue Sharing is what you need to push your company to new heights. A solution tailored for your business, built on real business data.

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