Revenue-based Financing for eCommerce by Soisy

At Viceversa, we offer revenue-based financing, an alternative financial solution to fast-growing digital companies. We are proud to partner with Soisy, an Italian company with a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) solution for e-commerce merchants, where you can pay back funds in 3 to 36 instalments. We sat down with Federica Digiorgio, to understand how Soisy provides value to so many digital players with revenue-based financing for eCommerce.

About Soisy

Founded in 2015, Soisy is a company that grows and evolves fast, thanks to a flat organization model. And like their company, the product is another such flexible solution.  Be it in the number of installments or the option of standard/ zero interest rate. They even offer you the chance to choose between a bank account or credit card to pay the installments.

Who is their ideal customer?

They work with over 1000 merchants from across every industry. Their solution is suitable for most e-commerce players with an average of middle to high order value. This suitability comes due to the flexibility of up to 36 installments and a value of 15,000 euros. Some of the industries they service are home living, sport equipment, and education.

Revenue-based financing for eCommerce via Soisy


Our customers often are looking for opportunities to invest in digital promotions to acquire new customers or educate them about BNPL via ads. On the other hand, Viceversa would have access to strong e-commerce companies looking to maximise sales. 


Federica Digiorgio, Marketing Manager, Soisy

Why Buy Now Pay Later?

Soisy wants to spread the culture of sustainable Buy Now Pay Later and increase the number of merchants involved and interested in innovative payment methods. Buy Now Pay Later could seem to be overrated, but they have the solid experience to share the right content and educate their customers about financial issues. They can also align with merchants to provide the right opportunity and options to their customers.

Besides this, Soisy believes that an ecosystem of brands can leverage a common perspective to boost eCommerce.

An insider tip for digital businesses?

According to Federica, more and more customers expect to find options for payment instalments at checkout. It's important to diversify payment methods that help engage and involve a wide range of customers. Revenue-based financing for eCommerce good be a good way to incorporate this.

And lastly, in the works...

We can expect lots in the coming months from Soisy. They are busy creating case stories with their top customers; conducting a research project related to shopping online and BNPL in Italy. It comes with an overview of trends of people’s behavior with the use of a 3+ instalment solution.

And that's all we have for now.

Boost your growth differently with Viceversa and Soisy.


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