Viceversa is an innovative fintech company supported by international investors, that envisions a new way of funding based on transparency and technology to support companies in a sustainable and ethical growth.

We are on a very exciting journey and looking for talented people that could help us improve our vision and are willing to make a great impact in the financial services sector.

Job Description

This position is at our HQ in Milan. It’s required a strong entrepreneurial and dynamic spirit, and a provable previous experience in similar positions.

You will work in our Growth team and you execute strategies that will support our company's ambitious growth plan. As a UX Writer, you will work with talented and passionate people that are focused on creating amazing content.

The ideal candidate has a result-driven mindset and is empathetic. We are looking for talented people oriented to innovation and creativity.

Main responsibilities

  • Help the team to define our tone of voice reflecting the company vision and mission, in the best possible way
  • Execute creative copy for social media, dem, event, video and blog posts in order to delight our target audience and grow the business
  • Write backend copy: All content triggered using our product (error message, push notification, SMS, etc…)
  • Design comprehensive and meaningful copywriting strategies to attract potential founders, investors and partnerships, while increasing the awareness of the company
  • Analyze, monitor and contribute to build an efficient report in order to reach the best performance

Who we are looking for

  • Mastery: You possess a strong linguistic and UX writer acumen and can guide other teams in the use of the right words
  • Languages: You're fluent in English and Italian
  • Willing to improve personal skills, desire for personal growth, and interest in increasing knowledge regarding innovative finance and startups environment
  • Empathy: customer-centric and goal-oriented mindset
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, positive attitude, and team working
  • Excellence in organize day to day activities and great management of deadlines
  • Bachelor's degree in Economics, Marketing or equivalent practical experience
  • Previous experience in growing companies, preferably in the B2B environment.

What you can expect

  • Join a growing international team of talented profiles with several expertises: product designers, data scientists, growth, tech, finance, investments and HR
  • Contribute to building an international brand with ever-evolving challenges (eg. currently working on a data-driven platform and inspirational projects)

Terms and Conditions

Salary range based on experience. We are available to start with a freelance collaboration


Investing in growth is not an option!

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