A data-driven revenue-based capital growth platform.

Two fintech companies sharing a common vision of bringing innovation and simplifying e-commerce come together. The tool is a data-driven revenue-based capital growth platform -  a product that positively impacts clients’ lives thanks to the transparency and simplicity of its core values.

Finanza.tech is a fintech company that wants to revolutionize access and participation in capital markets, by reducing the time it takes to access minimum capital. To them, this is the only way economic resources can be better allocated, and will improve the competitiveness and economic welfare of the markets. Their platform encourages seamless entry to allow registered companies to have access to a wide range of timely and efficient financial advisory services and advanced data-management. It is listed on the Euronext Growth Milan stock market.

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A win-win collaboration

With Finanza.tech, we enable digital companies to access smart and flexible capital in as little as 3 days. 

Catalysing profound business growth in digital companies is our core concern. ""At Viceversa, we want to offer a product that is simple, fast and has a tangible impact on the economic structure of the companies that make it up. With Finanza.tech, we have found a strategic partner with whom we can share this mission. Together we will bring resources and innovation to a growing audience that wants to innovate and scale.”
Pedro Salvi, CFO & Co-Founder of Viceversa

“With Viceversa we are honored to support SMEs operating in the digital retail sector, pushing them to grow even more thanks to investments in digital marketing. We can't wait to work more and more to reach this goal and show SMEs how easy it is to grow together if the potential is there.”
Fabio Pisano, Marketing & Communications Manager, Finanza.tech

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Investing in growth is not an option!

Revenue Sharing is what you need to push your company to new heights. A solution tailored for your business, built on real business data.

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