New partnership in the name of sustainability

A simple, fast, and democratic financing solution. Viceversa and LifeGate Way join forces to support SME, startups, and digital companies by generating a sustainable impact on their growth. Just what the founders need.

LifeGate is an ecosystem dedicated to sustainable native startups. 

A Win-win collaboration

Thanks to the partnership with LifeGate, we aim to increase our impact by supporting the sustainable growth of all digital businesses, from e-commerce to marketplace.

Together, bringing the alternative Revenue-Based-Financing model (RBF) and growing digital companies in a sustainable way.
We overcome their revenue growth expectations, through a fast, flexible, and data-driven solution.


Investing in growth is not an option!

Revenue Sharing is what you need to push your company to new heights. A solution tailored for your business, built on real business data.

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