Viceversa-Ventive partnership

Ventive is an investment and consulting company for startups, born with the aim of creating a bridge between investors and startups, as well as supporting young entrepreneurs throughout the growth process. This Viceversa-Ventive partnership is getting revenue-based financing to young startups. The group operates through an internal club deal of 150 entrepreneurs and business angels. And they have invested more than €23M in two years on pre-seed and seed startups selected by the Ventive team.

Carolina Grassi, Head of Public Affairs and External Relations, at Ventive tells us how this partnership with Viceversa can help them invest "not in numbers, but in people". 

About Ventive

Ventive helps their companies in two major ways. They operate as a consultancy company to help startups structure their pitches and business plans or build their marketing campaigns. Additionally, they operate as an investment company selecting startups through a due diligence process, to help them access their club deal. 

Who is an ideal customer for Ventive?

Ventive principally supports pre-seed and seed startups with a strong innovative component, though regarding the sector, they are agnostic. And moreover, 90% of their portfolio is composed of innovative startups driven by CEOs, who are under the age of 30. They have invested in 19 Italian innovative startups, with a high potential for scalable services and a 400% ROI in less than 3 years.

How does this Viceversa-Ventive partnership work?


Viceversa is quick, professional, and actually takes care of the startup. The reason why we strongly believe in this Viceversa-Ventive partnership is that the Italian ecosystem needs a boost in terms of know-how, deal-flow velocity, and diversification of risks. And we are happy to have partnered with Viceversa and already closed 3 deals in less than 4 months, because we see a new potential partner for Ventive to work with long-term, with similar values. 

Carolina Grassi, Head of Public Affairs and External Relations

The main goal of the partnership

Carolina says that Ventive is not only going to be the most important player in the pre-seed ecosystem. In fact they want to become the most important player in the seed ecosystem as well. That's why they are committed to investing more than €50M in the next 3 years, before the IPO of Ventive. 


We think that thanks to the collaboration with Viceversa, it'll be easier to scale up the market and give our startups the possibility to generate revenues faster and with fewer risks. 

Carolina Grassi, Head of Public Affairs and External Relations

An insider tip for digital businesses?

Do not apply very high valuations for your startups if you are not sure of the results they will achieve in the short and medium term. It is not a smart move to increase the valuation of a project that still has no traction and validation. This only implies brand-awareness risks and also personal risks, if the timeline does not proceed in an estimated way. 

The most important tip is to follow recognized corporate finance standards and models for valuation. 

Carolina Grassi, Head of Public Affairs and External Relations

And lastly, what's next for them...

They are ready to organize the first event which brings together the majority of the Italian business angels with under-35 professionals, who want to learn more about the venture capital world. 

Their goal is not only to make their investors earn money but also to promote cultural change and information sharing.

Boost your growth differently with Viceversa and Ventive.


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